We’re Caro and Andy, as Swiss/Spanish couple who like adventure! We also like to do crazy things, so thru-hiking the pacific crest trail seems like a good idea to us (at least from today’s perspecitive)…

The pacific crest trail is a 2,660 miles / 4,279 kilometers long trail for hikers and riders in the west of the US. The southern terminus is on the US border with Mexico south of a little village called Campo, the northern terminus is on the Canada-US border on the edge of Manning Park. The trail mainly follows the mountain ranges that lie 100 to 150 miles / 160 to 240 kilometers east of the Pacific coast – the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade mountains. It crosses three states; California, Oregon and Washington. The lowest point is just above sea level while the highest point is at 13,153 feet / 4,009 meters at Forester Pass in the Sierra Nevada.

We’d like to hike the entire trail (which is called thru-hiking) starting on March 30th at the southern terminus. Evers since deciding to really do this (which we have last Octobre), we’ve been organising our trip. Getting all the gear and organising everything for a six month leave and adventure was a lot of work. Now, we’re ready, though (or at least think we are), and very curious about what we’ll see and experience along the way on our first really long backpacking trip and also our first hike in the US. We’ll take it on “pasico a pasico” which means “little step by little step” in the dialect of Aragon, the area in Spain where Andy is from.